WEBINAR 3 – Neuropuncture for Cervical, Head, and Facial Conditions

Webinar 3: Neuropuncture for Cervical, Head, and Facial Conditions

A four-hour presentation (with video demonstrations of clinical protocols, needle technique, and Electrical acupuncture applications) utilizing Neuropuncture, which is a neuroscience acupuncture system created by Dr Michael Corradino. This Webinar will be on applying Neuropuncture combined with auricular acupuncture, for the treatment of cervical, head and facial conditions. For all conditions anatomy and neuroanatomy will be reviewed and cross-referenced to TCM theory, and classical TCM acupuncture point prescriptions. Application of Neuropuncture’s clinical Pain Upon Palpation (PUP) assessment will be reviewed and demonstrated for each condition listed below with Neuropuncture point prescriptions.

Applying neuroscience to traditional acupuncture to achieve clinical outcomes that are reproducible with focused treatment principles. Learn evidenced-based clinical protocols to treat head, face and cervical injuries with Neuropuncture, EN (electrical Neuropuncture), combining electrical auricular acupuncture. Video demonstrations included.

In this course, you will learn:

  • Introduction
  • Review of:
    1. The 5 Neurophysiological Mechanisms
    2. The 5 Neuropuncture Treatment Principles
    3. Electric Neuropuncture
    4. Reference Chart
  • Cervical Spine Anatomy
  • Protocols and Conditions Treated
  • Video Demonstrations
  • Case Studies
  • Summary, Question and Answers, Program Worksheet
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