WEBINAR 9 – Neuropuncture: Scalp and Auricular EA

Webinar 9: Neuropuncture: Scalp and Auricular EA

In this webinar you will learn the neuroscience of scalp and auricular acupuncture and how to apply this to clinical cases. Neuropuncture applies neuroscience to the traditional TCM acupuncture model, creating evidenced-based, clinically proven protocols, and outcomes that are clinically reproducible. Applying electrical acupuncture research and theory to your scalp and auricular acupuncture point prescriptions maximizes clinical results. Case studies will be presented.


Understanding and applying neuroscience to acupuncture helps to maximize acupuncture’s benefits. In this webinar Dr Corradino will illustrate and explain the neuroanatomy and neurophysiological mechanisms of auricular and scalp acupuncture systems. A review of protocols for Stroke/CVA, Chronic pain, and addiction will be presented.

Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Review of the 5 neurophysiological mechanisms, 5 Neuropuncture treatment principles, Electric Neuropuncture treatment principles and review of reference charts
  • The Neuroanatomy of auricular acupuncture
  • The Neuroanatomy of scalp acupuncture
  • EA- Electrical acupuncture’s role in scalp and auricular acupuncture
  • Pantheon research
  • Protocols
  • Stroke/ CVA
  • Chronic pain
  • Addiction
  • Case studies
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