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Dr. Helen Law
DAc, PhD, LAc, Certified Neuropuncturist
Dr. Helen Law

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I was raised in a family of traditional Chinese medicine in Hong Kong. My grandmother and uncle were famous Chinese doctors. However, I took a detour and decided to study aerospace engineering and computer science. I am so glad to come back to acupuncture and Chinese medicine after 25 years of being a rocket scientist. Over the past 20 years of practicing acupuncture, I have the best time of my life. Chinese medicine has become my passion. I learned so many different methods to do acupuncture and achieve wonderful results. I attended Dr. Mike’s first workshop in June 2019, it occurs to me this is what I have been searching. Neuropuncture has brought me to another level in understanding the science and ancient Chinese medicine. I have a very busy and successful practice, now with Neuropuncture, I am able to face very difficult cases with confidence. Dr. Mike’s passion and enthusiasm is very contagious and his knowledge, experience and broad intuition is impressive. I am very lucky to study with him.