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Neuropuncture for Practitioners

Neuropuncture is the only complete neuroscience acupuncture system that provides consistent, clinically reproducible neuroscience electroacupuncture training.

Why should you practice


As part of your training, you’ll learn the language of neuroscience electroacupuncture and be able to clearly explain what your treatments do and why they work using science-based language. This is critical for building a successful 21st century acupuncture practice and communicating with patients, referring physicians, and other medical professionals.



Are you interested in learning the Neuropuncture neuroscience electroacupuncture system, but don’t know where to start?

With over 20 years of experience in education, we’ve outlined the most effective path to mastering Neuropuncture!


Join NeuroLab

NeuroLab, Neuropuncture’s online training and clinical support platform, is perfectly positioned for practitioners to learn neuroscience electrical acupuncture at their own pace.



Attend a Workshop

Learn the proper Neuropuncture needle techniques, the Neuropuncture Prescriptions and get hands-on training on applying the foundational principles of Neuropuncture.



Get Certified

Join the Neuropuncture family of Certified Neuropuncturist who strive to bring acupuncture to the next level and make a difference for your family, friends, patients and fellow practitioners.


what we offer

Online Training

Our online training platforn, NeuroLab, is the perfect opportunity for practitioners to learn the Neuropuncture system at their own pace.


The hands-on workshops are packed with theoretical and practical applications of the Neuropuncture system focused on internal medicine, mental and emotional health, and pain management and orthopedics.


The Neuropuncture practitioner and instructor certifications provide the most in-depth training in neuroscience electroacupuncture. Become a Certified Neuropuncturist in just 4 months!


The Neuropuncture DNA, Doctorate Neuroscience Acupuncture, degree is the only doctorate degree currently offered that is focused strictly on neuroscience electroacupuncture and 21-st century medical sciences.



Neuropuncture has changed the way practitioners think about acupuncture and how they feel about their career and future.

Dr. Robert R.CP, L.Ac.

I have been practicing Chiropractic for 40 years, and Acupuncture for 20 years. My focus has always been evidence-based pain management.

Neuropuncture is the future of evidenced based treatment. Anyone interested in learning how to integrate acupuncture into mainstream healthcare needs to learn this!

Stephen A.L.Ac.

I've been using Neuropuncture in my practice solidly for about a month now, and one of the great things I've noticed is many of the patients that I've treated in the past are starting to come back in for treatment due to someone talking about their treatment with me.

My clinic has been built entirely from word of mouth, and at the moment it feels like this has been supercharged. I can only put it down to me loving doing Neuropuncture so much and getting some really positive results.

Janine N.New Zealand

The future of acupuncture. We don’t give up our TCM — we learn new skills and a new language that will enable Acupuncturists to be at the forefront of medicine. Safer and more/as effective for many conditions.

Sally S.Australia

Thanks Dr. Mike for giving us the tools to demystify acupuncture for our patients and our other medical colleagues. Neuropuncture is a total package and it really works.

Simone T.California, USA

Neuropuncture has greatly enhanced my ability to effectively treat patients with proven, repeatable protocols. Dr. Corradino is a brilliant practitioner and I recommend this program highly.

Become a Neuropuncture