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Bart Vermilya

Neuropuncture Instructor In-training, Certified Neuropuncturist, L.Ac.

Bart Vermilya

Bart Vermilya
Neuropuncture Instructor In-training, Certified Neuropuncturist, L.Ac.


The Instructor

My passion in my professional life is to help bring acupuncture into the center of mainstream medicine. I do this through educating and providing neuroscience acupuncture training and treatments that are neuroanatomical evidence-based, published research supported, and clinically proven. Offering the best quality of integrated, scientific, Traditional Chinese Medicine to the public is quintessential. This includes strategically integrating traditional Chinese medical philosophy with our Western medical scientific analytical mindset in the area of neuroscience and biochemistry. Grasping a firm understanding of Traditional Chinese medicine, in its application through clinical experience and researching the Chinese medical classics, while studying neurophysiology and other western medical sciences, to identify and strengthen the benefits of acupuncture while bridging the gap between Western medicine and 21st century acupuncture.


Career and Education

High stress often has us searching for ways to destress. Bart Vermilya chose martial arts to help him decompress from his high stress job. Martials arts, while providing some of the stress relief he was looking for, also became more competitive and led to a serious injury. It was at this point that Bart decided to try Chinese Medicine as a way to treat the injury.

The relief and healing he experienced led him to explore just how Chinese Medicine worked to help the body heal itself. As a civil engineer and telecommunications analyst, Bart was trained to solve issues in complex systems. The body as a complex system where interconnected problems need to be resolved drew Bart to Chinese Medicine and its formations and inner workings and changed his career path to acupuncture.

Bart received his Master’s Degree from the Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture (PIHMA) and is a licensed acupuncturist in the state of Michigan. In addition, he has training in Tui Na (Chinese style massage) and Seifukujitsu (“say-fu-ku-jitsu”) which is a Japanese style of restorative body work used by martial artists to recover from injuries.

Bart enjoys teaching Martial arts, Tai Chi, and Qi Chong, and spending time outdoors camping and hiking. And above all, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

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