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  • Learn to confidently communicate to medical professionals how acupuncture works
  • Learn the language to best communicate the effectiveness of acupuncture to your patients and your community
  • Learn how to utilize Neuropuncture protocols for maximized reproducible clinical outcomes

Upcoming Workshops


*FSOMA event is not eligible for Neuropuncture Certification.


1-Day Neuropuncture Cadaver Lab

Miami, FL


*Schedule is subject to change. Image credit Lynn McPhearson, AP

Neuropuncture + Pantheon Research

We are thrilled to announce that Neuropuncture, the leading authority in neuroscience-based acupuncture, is an official training partner of Pantheon Research! As practitioners committed to excellence, this collaboration opens up exciting opportunities for your professional growth and patient care.

Pantheon Research is the only American, FDA Certified manufacturer of electroacupuncture machines using the symmetrical biphasic waveform. This unique waveform “provides the most physiological effective treatment” for electroacupuncture protocols while also providing the most comfort for patients.

For almost 40 years, Pantheon Research has been perfecting the design and manufacture of electroacupuncture machines exclusively for acupuncturists.


Neuropuncture has taken my confidence and practice to levels that I never thought possible. I always hesitated to explain how acupuncture worked when I talked to other medical professionals until I learned about Neuropuncture. Even before I became certified my practice doubled and now that I can explain how acupuncture works I am getting referrals from M.D.s D.O.s and other medical professionals. Possibly the most valuable piece is that I can continue to hone my professional skills with the ever-expanding knowledge base of Neuropuncture.

Bart V.

I took a Neuropuncture workshop because of a friend and didn't expect to get much out of it. However, I was blown away by the material. It was well organized, made extremely applicable, and taught with great passion. Everything was broken down to understandable parts from the history, to how to use the equipment, and how to apply the prescriptions. Well done!

Dr. John P.

The 2 day workshop was excellent! I was introduced to neuropuncture for the first time and I was very impressed with the information and hands on teachings provided by Dr. Corradino.

Roger B.

Dr. Corradino is truly inspirational his work has revolutionized the way I think and practice acupuncture. He is a huge asset to humanity and our profession. Deepest respect and gratitude for his work!

Ilona A.

Dr. Corradino level of expertise and experience are unmatched. His new way of defining and approaching the practice of acupuncture is revolutionary and yet upholds the ancient time tested principles of this healing art. His level of dedication and his ability to clearly communicate complex medical information are exceptional. The body of work he has created is vast and the knowledge that he passed on is practical and effective. I look forward to continuing to learn from him!

Dr. Brian H.

Thank you Dr. Corradino for a great workshop. New to the Neuropuncture paradigm and honestly was taking the course for ceu's and it seemed relevant to my specialty. I got a ton out of it and really can't give enough praise. Detailed information on mechanisms, procedures and protocols backed by research made it immediately applicable in the clinic on Monday morning. Gaining experience in the cadaver lab was insightful and a huge confidence builder. Thank you again Dr. C for your time and dedication to our profession. There is hope for the future.

Jeff P.

The workshop was an excellent experience in so many ways. Dr. Corradino's teaching style, experience, knowledge and expertise, coupled with his sincerity, humor and passion for his work made learning and hands-on training challenging but accessible. The group of attendants were enthusiastic and supportive which helped make the workshop one of inclusion and harmony. The opportunity to attend a cadaver lab provided a next level understanding of neuropuncture that was truly exceptional. With the Lab and the two days of workshop, we were able to connect theory, concepts and hands-on activities which greatly enhanced our learning and advanced our skills. Thank you for this opportunity and I look forward to future workshops!

Sharon W.

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