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DNA Program

Doctorate Neuroscience Acupuncture

The Neuropuncture Doctorate Neuroscience Acupuncture program is fully, internationally accredited through Akamai University. Akamai University is accredited by the Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges, and Universities (ASIC). The DNA program has been approved and is now fully accredited with financial payment options.


Master Your Trade

Finally there is an accredited acupuncture doctorate degree that specializes and focuses on the 21st-century neuroscience of acupuncture, is loaded with direct clinical applications, offers hands-on training, and provides human cadaver lab experience.

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It was Dr. Corradino’s experience being in the very first accredited DAOM cohort in the United States, back when the program was a 26-month-long program with weekly classes from Thursday to Sunday. The program was substantially integrated with medical doctor clinical supervisors and well balanced in classical translations and western medical sciences.

Unfortunately, the programs have been modified greatly since then, and have many different intentions leading to loads of dissatisfied practitioners. The DAOM programs that are offered now just aren’t clinically based and from many practitioners’ feedback haven’t done anything for their acupuncture practice except giving them more student debt, and the ability to refer to themselves as a “Doctor”.

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The Neuropuncture Doctorate Neuroscience Acupuncture program offers the practitioner an opportunity to truly begin to “Master” their professional trade of acupuncture and the ability to refer to themselves as “Doctor”.

The Neuropuncture DNA journey is an enrichment of knowledge both in a deeper understanding of classical acupuncture integrated with neuroscience and functional neurology, and much focus and emphasis on clinical applications of neuromodulation with electrical acupuncture.


DNA Journey

The Neuropuncture DNA, Doctor of Neuroscience Acupuncture, program involves a deep dive into the neuroscience of acupuncture so they can best understand exactly what they are doing to their patients.

And it all begins by first becoming a Certified Neuropuncturists.


Become a Certified Neuropuncturist

Completing the Neuropuncture Level-One Clinical Certification is your first step to becoming a Doctor of Neuroscience Acupuncture. This 20-week online, PhD-level program prepares the practitioner with all of the clinical mechanisms, science, and research required for the DNA program.



Complete Your Dissertation

Certified Neuropuncturists are eligible to become Doctors of Neuroscience Acupuncture through Akamai University. Qualified practitioners will need to complete an original dissertation or project on a topic in the field of neuroscience acupuncture.

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