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Locate a trained Neuropuncture acupuncture practitioners near you and schedule your first appointment.


Neuropuncture Wellness Centers

The Certified Neuropuncture Wellness Centers are strictly focused on practicing Neuropuncture electrical acupuncture for the most-effective treatment plans and patient well-being.

Noah Visscher

Noah grew up in Bozeman and is now back and practicing acupuncture. He graduated from Bastyr University with a Masters of Science in Acupuncture and a Certificate in Chinese Herbal Medicine in 2020.

Tanja Brekke, L.Ac.

Tanja Brekke, L.Ac., has been a licensed acupuncturist since 1991, graduating from Five Branches Institute with a Master’s in Traditional Oriental Medicine. She has had an active practice since that time. Her first office was in Santa Clara, CA, and she moved to Bozeman, MT in 1995.



Neuropuncturists, certified Neuropuncture practitioner, undergo an intensive PhD level training focused on the human nervous system, the neuroscience of acupuncture, and clinical applications.

Peter DeCicco

Anna Kwiecinska

Dr. Anca Marinescu

Dr. Dimitri Boules

Bart Vermilya

Dr. Helen Law

Nancy Chau



Acupuncture practitioners that have begun their Neuropuncture journey are referred to as Neuropuncturists in training. As devoted healthcare providers, they have access to all of the Neuropuncture treatment protocols and prescriptions to support their patients.