Neuropuncture Instructor Certification

Program Design and Purpose

The Neuropuncture Instructor program is a special program that includes a mentorship with Dr. Corradino and a special vetting process and geographical metric selection. Once a Neuropuncturist is approved into the Instructor program then an ongoing hands-on training with Dr. Corradino begins and maintains throughout the relationship to continue to improve the Instructor’s ability to perform and comprehend the latest Neuropuncture clinical techniques.

The goal of this program is to train Certified Clinical Neuropuncturists on how to teach Neuropuncture CEU/PDA single day workshops, i.e. Neuropuncture Foundations, single medical conditions, the Neuropuncture Trinity, etc. All Neuropuncture teaching material and content must all go through Neuropuncture, Inc.

The trainee will attend several Fast Track to Certification Program as a Teacher Assistant assisting Dr. Corradino with the online teaching. The trainee will also be required to teach several Neuropuncture PowerPoint presentations that Dr. Corradino will observe and critique. These sessions will be private and one-on-one with Dr. Corradino so he can carefully listen and observe.


Structure of Program

  • Become Level-One Clinical Neuropuncture certified

Each Neuropuncture Instructor will:

  • govern a region
  • offer 1-day and 2-day Neuropuncture Hands-on training workshops
  • CEU/PDA approved workshops
  • Complete a 5 webinar series of live presentations, observed and critiqued by Dr. Corradino to assess the trainee’s Neuropuncture’s content comprehension.
  • Dr. Corradino will record each trainee’s presentation for further reflection and review.
  • Dr. Corradino will help the trainee with the proper Neuropuncture details, language, research, and delivery of the Neuropuncture content.
  • The 6 science webinars in the Neuropuncture Foundations series will be included as well as case studies and a few specialty webinars so that the trainee can become efficient at teaching an 8-hour PDA/CEU Neuropuncture course. The collection of chosen NeuroLab webinars ensures that the trainee is well trained in the Neuropuncture Trinity and other specific Neuropuncture areas.
  • The trainee may be asked to repeat a presentation if Dr. Corradino sees the necessity. Each webinar will have its own Neuropuncture, Inc. PowerPoint presentation that will be sent to the trainee for review and preparation.
  • The trainee will present at the scheduled weekly meeting the Neuropuncture PowerPoint presentation to Dr. Corradino who will observe and critique the trainees comprehension of the Neuropuncture material and the delivery of details of the Neuropuncture content.
  • After these webinars have been presented and critiqued by Dr Corradino and deemed Instructor level, then a final oral exam for further assessment of Neuropuncture content comprehension must be passed for Neuropuncture Instructor Certification.

(5-10) TA Neuropuncture Fast Track Certification Program

  • Leading and teaching a single Neuropuncture Fast Track Certification Program weekly session.
  • When the trainee completes and is Neuropuncture Instructor Certified then the Instructor will coordinate with Dr. Corradino and with Dr. Corradino’s assistance will organize Neuropuncture single day Neuropuncture PDA/CEU hands-on workshops. Absolute transparency.Neuropuncture Inc. will supply all the Neuropuncture educational content including but not limited to: Neuropuncture PowerPoints, any Neuropuncture handouts, and any other material. Any other content must be approved by Dr Corradino 28 days prior to the live event via email or written notice.All Neuropuncture Certifications go through Neuropuncture, Inc.Webinars to illustrate comprehension:
    • 1-5 Neuropuncture neurophysiological mechanisms
    • Electrical sciences
    • Pain medicine
    • Women’s health
    • Neurodegenerative diseases
    • Case studies

Applicants will receive the details in compensation and commission.

“Learning Neuropuncture has increased my ability to SUCCESSFULLY treat difficult cases well above and beyond how I practiced using the traditional model. The less complex cases improve much more quickly now as well. Learning Neuropuncture has given me the knowledge that I need to educate my patients and other healthcare professionals. My referral base is stemming not only from my patients but their treating physicians as well.”

Bart V., L.Ac.


Neuropuncture Instructor Certification

Begin your journey to teaching the Neuropuncture system and neuroscience evidence-based electrical acupuncture to your fellow practitioners!

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  • Individual instructor training program

  • Region governance

  • Teach 1-day and 2-day Neuropuncture hands-on workshops

  • CEU/PDA approved workshops

  • Competitive compensations and commissions


Neuropuncture Level-One Practitioner Certification and an active Neuropuncture Gold membership are prerequisites. Practitioner Certification and Neuropuncture Gold membership are separate fees.

“Neuropuncture training vastly outperforms my traditional acupuncture training. Emphasis on research, clinical outcomes, and the scientific underpinnings of acupuncture through a neuroanatomical mindset sets Neuropuncture apart from traditional training in a number of ways. Chief among them is giving me a firmer grasp on the language and science of acupuncture that allows me to effectively communicate with other healthcare professionals in hospitals or private medical clinics. By viewing acupuncture through the lens of Neuropuncture, I am able to address my patient’s conditions with a greater degree of accuracy and efficacy than with the techniques I was taught in school.”

Johnathan W., L.Ac.

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frequently asked questions

How do I enroll in the Certification program?

Schedule a free meeting introductory meeting with Dr. Corradino to better understand the structure of the program, the depth of the commitment and the benefit of this Certification training.

How does the online training program work?

The Neuropuncture Practitioner Certification is a 16-week online program that covers the full Neuropuncture system. Neuropuncture is the only complete neuroscience acupuncture system that specifically teaches how to neuromodulate your patient’s nervous system in every clinical application.

Approved practitioners are enrolled in small cohorts to ensure the best level of understanding of the material and support practitioners throughout the program.

During the program, practitioners will attend a live 2-hour meeting with Dr. Corradino to discuss the materials, ask questions and deepen their understanding of the system. Practitioners are given weekly assignments to be completed prior the weekly meetings.

What are the prerequisites?

  1. Practitioners need to be licensed acupuncturists and/or physicians.
  2. Practitioners need to have an active Neuropuncture Gold online training membership for at least 3 to 6 months. This ensures that practitioners have learned the foundations of Neuropuncture and have basic understanding of the system.
  3. Practitioner who choose to commit to this program need to understand that this is a Ph.D. level training in neuroscience acupuncture. It is not recommended for students or practitioners currently enrolled in another program.

Why should I get a Neuropuncture Certification?

Certified Neuropuncture practitioners, or Neuropuncturists, are the most effectively trained acupuncture providers with deep understanding of the neuroscience of electrical acupuncture and how to apply to any condition. The Neuropuncture System is a complete neuroscience acupuncture system – it covers mental and emotional health, internal medicine, pain, infertility, stroke, and so much more.

Certified Practitioners are listed at the Find a Practitioner directory for patient referral.

Neuropuncture Practitioner Certification is a pre-requisite for the Neuropuncture DNA program – Doctorate of Neuroscience Acupuncture!

Become a Certified Neuropuncture