Neuropuncture Practitioner Certification

Program Design and Purpose

This journey includes an intense 20-week online Neuropuncture training program with weekly 2-hour meetings in small cohorts for personal attention. The curriculum covers the Neuropuncture Auricular system, Neuropuncture Scalp system, and of course the Neuropuncture Body system. Neuropuncture is the only complete neuroscience acupuncture system that specifically teaches how to neuromodulate your patient’s nervous system in every clinical application. Neuropuncture is a neuroscience acupuncture system that utilizes electricity to communicate and modulate physiology. So, you will learn a great deal about electrical acupuncture’s effects on the nervous system, which we call “Electrical Neuropuncture”. There is a hands-on training portion for certification.

In Neuropuncture there are some locations of Neuropuncture acupoints that have specific anatomical locations with delicate needling techniques that one can only learn and master with hands-on training. So, we require at least three workshops completed, one in every main Neuropuncture area; pain/ orthopedics, internal medicine, and mental health. The last in-person requirement is to complete one Neuropuncture Human Cadaver lab. These human cadaver lab training sessions are absolutely game-changing. We are so proud to be able to offer to our profession a professional surgical human cadaver experience. Each cadaver lab has a theme and curriculum of specific anatomical structures that vary and the participants get an up-close and personal experience of the human nervous system in reference to Neuropuncture. Once all this work is completed then the practitioner is eligible for Level-One Clinical Neuropuncture certification and a final oral exam will then be administered and must be passed.


Structure of Program

  • Be a licensed acupuncturist and/or a physician.
  • Be an active GOLD member of NeuroLab for at least 3-4 months, and maintain an active membership.
  • This is a Ph.D. level training program in neuroscience acupuncture. This is not intended for students that are not yet licensed and/or practicing professionally.
  • 1st: Apply and get accepted. Each cohort is specifically chosen for a multitude of reasons- time, days availability, and level of training.
  • Completing this course is the online portion of certification and begins to get you closer to certification eligibility.
  • 20-week (5 months) online training program.

Hands-on training- 1 workshop in each category must be completed (3 workshops and 1 human cadaver lab must be completed to become eligible for certification)

    1. Internal medicine
    2. Mental health
    3. Ortho/Pain management
    4. Human Cadaver training lab
  1. Final Written exam
  2. 1st Oral (online video meeting)
  3. 2nd Final Oral exam- in person at a workshop
  4. Final Practical exam- at the final workshop

Level-One Clinical Neuropuncture certification process

After completing all the Neuropuncture certification criteria, including workshops and exams, practitioners who are prepared for the Certification must submit a certification application via the NeuroLab portal.
Dr. Corradino will review all applications and schedule a video interview to confirm eligibility for the Neuropuncture Certification ceremony.

Neuropuncture Re-Certification Requirements

To retain your Neuropuncture Certification and the title Certified Neuropuncturist, you need to be an active NeuroLab Gold member. This criteria ensures you continue to learn adopt the latest acupuncture and neuroscience research.

“Learning Neuropuncture has increased my ability to SUCCESSFULLY treat difficult cases well above and beyond how I practiced using the traditional model. The less complex cases improve much more quickly now as well. Learning Neuropuncture has given me the knowledge that I need to educate my patients and other healthcare professionals. My referral base is stemming not only from my patients but their treating physicians as well.”

Bart V., L.Ac.


Neuropuncture Practitioner Certification

Begin your journey to a deeper understanding of the Neuropuncture system and neuroscience evidence-based electrical acupuncture.

Schedule a free introductory call with Dr. Corradino to be enrolled in the next Certification cohort.

Neuropuncture Practitioner Certification is a pre-requisite for the Neuropuncture DNA program.

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  •  20-week certification program

  • 2-hour live weekly training sessions

  • Deep understanding of the Neuropuncture system and electrical neuroscience acupuncture

  • Online or in-person certification ceremony

  • Neuropuncturist Practitioner listing


NeuroLab Gold membership is a pre-requisite. NeuroLab membership is a separate fee.

“Neuropuncture training vastly outperforms my traditional acupuncture training. Emphasis on research, clinical outcomes, and the scientific underpinnings of acupuncture through a neuroanatomical mindset sets Neuropuncture apart from traditional training in a number of ways. Chief among them is giving me a firmer grasp on the language and science of acupuncture that allows me to effectively communicate with other healthcare professionals in hospitals or private medical clinics. By viewing acupuncture through the lens of Neuropuncture, I am able to address my patient’s conditions with a greater degree of accuracy and efficacy than with the techniques I was taught in school.”

Johnathan W., L.Ac.

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frequently asked questions

How do I enroll in the Instructor program?

Schedule a free meeting introductory meeting with Dr. Corradino to better understand the structure of the program, the depth of the commitment and the benefit of this Instructor Certification training.

How does the instructor training program work?

The Neuropuncture Practitioner Certification is a 16-week online program that covers the full Neuropuncture system. Neuropuncture is the only complete neuroscience acupuncture system that specifically teaches how to neuromodulate your patient’s nervous system in every clinical application.

Approved practitioners are enrolled in small cohorts to ensure the best level of understanding of the material and support practitioners throughout the program.

During the program, practitioners will attend a live 2-hour meeting with Dr. Corradino to discuss the materials, ask questions and deepen their understanding of the system. Practitioners are given weekly assignments to be completed prior the weekly meetings.

What are the prerequisites?

  1. Practitioners need to be licensed acupuncturists and/or physicians.
  2. Practitioners need to be Certified Neuropuncture Practitioners.
  3. Practitioners need to have an active Neuropuncture Gold membership.

Why should I get a Neuropuncture Instructor Certification?

Certified Neuropuncture Instructors are the most fully trained Neuropuncturists who understanding the Neuropuncture System at such depth that they can teach others.

Certified Neuropuncture Instructors are responsible for teaching workshops in their dedicated territory and will receive all training materials, marketing materials, CEU/PDA approval, and affiliate program access for transparency around commissions.

Become a Certified Neuropuncture