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What is Neuropuncture?

Neuropuncture is a special system of acupuncture that applies neuroscience and other Western medical sciences to the classical Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture model.  This empowers the practitioner with the full understanding of acupuncture’s neurophysiological mechanisms and to apply these findings to the diagnosis and treatment of pain and orthopedics cases, internal medicine cases, and mental health cases.



Our Mission is to provide acupuncturists with the tools for their success by offering them the highest level of consistent neuroscience electroacupuncture education and offering organized and accredited clinically-based certification programs.

Our goal is to provide the acupuncture practitioner with the language and communication skills to best communicate acupuncture in 21st-century medical neurosciences and provide them with evidence-based, clinically reproducible treatment prescriptions. Lastly, we offer special services and resources in Neuropuncture neuroscience electroacupuncture practice building and patient-practice management.


The Neuropuncture process

When these new scientific models are applied to TCM acupuncture, the Ah-ha light bulb goes on and a lot of the mystery and smoke clears revealing an absolutely amazing neuro-medical treatment modality, that we have named Neuropuncture.


How does neuropuncture work?

Neuropuncture works by predominantly targeting and stimulating the specific underlying root neuropathology. 2500+ years ago when TCM was being developed the physicians of that time did not have the understanding and advancements in the study of anatomy and physiology, cellular biology, molecular biology, molecular genetics, and especially neuroscience, as we have had in the past 100 years.


Why Train in Neuropuncture?

Learn the proper Neuropuncture needle techniques, the Neuropuncture Prescriptions and get hands-on training on applying all of the Neuropuncture Foundations.


How is neuropuncture unique?

Neuropuncture is a unique acupuncture system that Dr. Michael Corradino developed by analyzing classical acupuncture theory and incorporating the research of the neurophysiological mechanisms of acupuncture, then combining research of electrical acupuncture’s effects on the nervous system, and examining the reproducible clinical outcomes he was achieving while maintaining the holistic traditional TCM health model.

why is neuropuncture important?

Neuropuncture develops your credibility and enhances your communication with your patients and your referring physicians

TCM acupuncture practitioners should be able to use 21st-century medical scientific terminology to identify and articulate the mechanisms of acupuncture while reserving our “practitioner TCM pattern language” for, and between our colleagues only, and other like-minded individuals. 

Neuropuncture treatment prescriptions are all published research-supported, neuroanatomically evidenced-based, and clinically reproducible. Applying western medical sciences to the classical TCM module does not subtract from the efficacy of the “traditional” acupuncture system, it only amplifies and further explains the unique, powerful neuromodulating effects that can be scientifically understood, and harnessed by Neuropuncture’s techniques. 


The Neuropuncture Trinity

The Trinity explains the Foundations of Neuropuncture – more text to come.

The Neuropuncture Trinity

Become a Neuropuncture