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Electro Acupuncture Training

In this online training program, you’ll learn how to take the abstract theories of traditional acupuncture and apply them within a biomedical model of care. This allows you to more effectively communicate with doctors in a context they understand and can lead to increased referrals. If you are frustrated by varying levels of success with traditional acupuncture treatment methods, the implementation of these methods will offer you consistent, repeatable outcomes that can result in increased patient satisfaction and compliance.


Acupuncture is neuroscience

As part of your Neuropuncture Foundations training, you’ll learn the language of neuroscience acupuncture and be able to clearly explain what your treatments do and why they work using science-based language. This is critical for building a successful 21st-century acupuncture practice and communicating with patients, referring physicians, and other medical professionals.

Neuropuncture allows you to tap into the body’s neurological system giving you the tools to reduce pain, improve organ function, and regulate endogenous hormones and neurotransmitters. Think about the impact this can have on the conditions you can treat and the effectiveness of your care. The videos include case studies and clinical pearls to help you understand the practical applications of treatment while furthering your understanding of human anatomy and physiology.

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Neuropuncture Foundations


Introduction and 1st Neurophysiological Mechanism: Local effect​
In this webinar Dr Corradino with welcome you to NeuroLab and introduce you to Neuropuncture, his neuroscience electro-acupuncture system. We will also be examining the 1st neurophysiological mechanism from the Neuropuncture Trinity. It is tantamount that we, as practitioners and providers of acupuncture services, should thoroughly understand the neurophysiology of acupuncture. The 5 neurophysiological mechanisms that explain all of acupuncture’s clinical phenomena also gives us a “blue print” of the specific pathways of neural transmission that occurs, in live time, when preforming acupuncture.


Case Studies & Clinical Applications
In these “Case Studies” NeuroLab webinars, Dr Corradino will be illustrating how to complete a Neuropuncture clinical assessment to exciting clinical cases from his own private practice, or difficult cases submitted by NeuroLab members that ask for support. A clear break down of the application of the Neuropuncture Trinity resulting in a Neuropuncture prescription (point protocol), and a Neuropuncture dosage (specific electro-acupuncture parameters).

Examination, evaluation and prescription discussion on the following cases:

  1. Tremors
  2. Knee pain/insomnia


2nd Neurophysiological Mechanism: Spinal Segmental effect
This entire webinar is devoted to the 2nd mechanism, called the Spinal Segmental neurophysiological mechanism. This webinar includes the examination of the neuroanatomy of the spinal cord, how the CNS receives information from the peripheral about our environment, and the neurochemistry involved. How each spinal segment is a highway of intersecting tiny neural tracts that communicate and affect one another. Once we understand how these tracts work, the neurochemistry involved, and how we can target these tracts with electro-acupuncture, then we can apply this to clinical cases for maximum impact.


Case Studies & Clinical Applications
Learn how to break down the submitted cases using the Neuropuncture Trinity and provide a systematic approach to understanding the patient’s cases and how to develop a Neuropuncture RX and Dosage for those specific cases. In this webinar Dr Corradino will be breaking down multiple cases submitted by NeuroLab members and some of his own as well.

Examination, evaluation and prescription discussion on the following cases:

  1. Burning mouth syndrome
  2. Polycystic kidney disease, HTN
  3. Phantom limb pain
  4. TIA-balance/speech/motor impairment case
  5. BPH-frequent urination


3rd Neurophysiological Mechanism: Endogenous Opioid Circuit
In this webinar we examine the 3rd mechanism named the EOC, or the Endogenous Opioid Circuit. In this webinar we will confirm how, and why, acupuncture is so effective for pain management, and how to harness this mechanism and then maximize this powerful understanding through electro-acupuncture. It is in this exact neural highway that electro-acupuncture transmits tiny electrical signals and has the ability to target specific opioid receptors, which then activate areas of the brain that controls all pain. With today’s prescription opioid crisis that the world is facing is it paramount for practitioners to be able to effectively treat pain naturally, and even rehabilitate this system.


Case Studies & Clinical Applications
Dr Corradino illustrates how to design a complete Neuropuncture treatment plan by examining the neuroscience of the pathology and then by applying techniques to rehabilitate and neuromodulate the patient’s nervous system back to health.

Examination, evaluation and prescription discussion on the following cases:

  1. Tinnitus
  2. Ophthalmology
  3. Severe and chronic low back, with lower extremity paresthesia and weakness


4th Neurophysiological Mechanism: Central Nervous System effect​
Acupuncture has a long, laundry list of internal medical conditions that which have been effectively treated. The 4th neurophysiological mechanism explains the profound widespread effect that acupuncture has on the entire body, mind and spirit. We will be examining some of the largest, well researched, areas of diseases and electro-acupuncture’s effect on specific regions of the CNS.


Case Studies & Clinical Applications
Dr Corradino illustrates how to design a complete Neuropuncture treatment plan by examining the neuroscience of the pathology and then by applying techniques to rehabilitate and neuromodulate the patient’s nervous system back to health.

Examination, evaluation and prescription discussion on the following cases:

  1. Post-op sternum pain case.
  2. CVA-stroke case
  3. Foot severe arthritic pain case.
  4. Migraine/ HNP T9 pain case


5th Neurophysiological Mechanism: Neuromuscular/MFTrP Effect
In this webinar we will be examining the 5th neurophysiological mechanism. This mechanism has two main aspects to it; one that is a neuroanatomical junction and two, a pathological, damaged area of tissue. These have been identified with acupuncture styles such as sports acupuncture, orthopedic acupuncture, and dry needling. Techniques for electro-acupuncture and motor points will be discussed and best EA parameters explained. Some exciting new needle techniques are presented and treatments for labrum tears and whiplash cases will be reviewed. The Neuropuncture PUP (Pain Upon Palpation) examine will be presented.


Case Studies & Clinical Applications

Examination, evaluation and prescription discussion on the following cases:

  1. Kidney stone pain
  2. Hallux bone pain and weakness
  3. Intense anxiety
  4. Coccyx pain
  5. HNP/Migraine
  6. Post SCI (spinal cord injury)
  7. Knee pain


Electro-Acupuncture Sciences
Ground breaking research and it’s clinical EA applications will be presented. When we understand how to use electrical acupuncture devices, then by applying the proper current, and proper frequency, at the correct time is quintessential in maximizing our treatment outcomes. We will also review the Pantheon 8c and it’s operational settings, and review how to adjust correctly so you do not injure or create any discomfort with your patients. All of Neuropuncture’s treatment prescriptions are electro-acupuncture protocols, so it is very important for us to understand what we can from research, bioelectromedical devices, certain sciences like bioelectromagnetism and bioelectricphysics, and examine this material to further understand how we can apply it to our Electro-Neuropuncture model.


Case Studies & Clinical Applications

Examination, evaluation and prescription discussion on the following cases:

  1. Severe anxiety
  2. Coccyx pain
  3. Sudden cough
  4. HNP/Migraine
  5. Reattached bicep
  6. Shingles
  7. Medial knee pain

“Learning Neuropuncture has increased my ability to SUCCESSFULLY treat difficult cases well above and beyond how I practiced using the traditional model. The less complex cases improve much more quickly now as well. Learning Neuropuncture has given me the knowledge that I need to educate my patients and other healthcare professionals. My referral base is stemming not only from my patients but their treating physicians as well.”

Bart V.L.Ac.


Neuropuncture Foundations Membership Program

  •  12 recorded live webinars

  • Over 12 hours of material and content

  • 6 science webinars

  • 6 case studies and clinical application webinars

  • Over 20 Neuropuncture Treatment Prescriptions you can use right away

  • Increase patient satisfaction through consistent, repeatable outcomes

  • Unlimited access while you are a subscriber


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frequently asked questions

How do I register?

Registrations are easy! Simply schedule a free meeting with Dr. Corradino.

Dr. Corradino will explain the Neuropuncture system and guide you through the NeuroLab platform so you are set up for success once you enroll.

How does the online training program work?

The Neuropuncture Gold online training membership program is the ultimate path to mastering neuroscience electroacupuncture. This program is ideal for any practitioner – veteran practitioners, recent graduates and students – looking to learn more about neuroscience electroacupuncture.

This online training is executed via the NeuroLab platform where practitioners will be guided through their Neuropuncture journey, starting with the Neuropuncture Foundations module that explains how acupuncture works in terms that are easy to understand and apply.

All trainings are delivered in video format as a presentation. The NeuroLab platform is fully responsive and mobile friendly, so all practitioners can learn no matter if they are at home, at the office or on the go.

What does membership mean?

The NeuroLab membership program gives you unlimited access to all Neuropuncture webinars, training videos, case study support and so much more for a monthly fee of $99.

For most practitioners this fee is reasonable, as it means they need to treat only 1 patient a month to offset the cost of training.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. You can find more detailed instructions here:


Neuropuncture's Electroacupuncture Foundations?

If you are looking to improve your practice with techniques that are both highly marketable to attract new patients and can help existing patients overcome treatment plateaus, then this online program is for you.

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