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Peter Larking

Certified Neuropuncture Instructor, Certified Neuropuncturist, L.Ac.

Peter Larking

Peter Larking
Certified Neuropuncture Instructor, Certified Neuropuncturist, L.Ac.


The Instructor

My passion in my professional life is to help bring acupuncture into the center of mainstream medicine. I do this through educating and providing neuroscience acupuncture training and treatments that are neuroanatomical evidence-based, published research supported, and clinically proven. Offering the best quality of integrated, scientific, Traditional Chinese Medicine to the public is quintessential. This includes strategically integrating traditional Chinese medical philosophy with our Western medical scientific analytical mindset in the area of neuroscience and biochemistry. Grasping a firm understanding of Traditional Chinese medicine, in its application through clinical experience and researching the Chinese medical classics, while studying neurophysiology and other western medical sciences, to identify and strengthen the benefits of acupuncture while bridging the gap between Western medicine and 21st century acupuncture.


Career and Education

Peter is Neuropuncture’s first Certified Instructor, having completed the rigorous Neuropuncture Instructor certification process, that allows him to teach the Neuropuncture system.

Peter Larking has so far had an outstanding career, spending 15 years as a senior tutor at the New Zealand School of Acupuncture teaching Neuro-anatomy, Qi gong, Taijiquan and Chinese Medicine and he has maintained a private clinical practice since 1998.

After a number of years offering traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in his Wellington and Wairarapa clinics, he became part of the movement in the medical industry to understand the true nature of acupuncture’s mechanisms and began his work with Dr. Michael Corradino, the founder and creator of Neuropuncture. Peter has since become one of the first ever to qualify in the Southern Hemisphere as a Neuropuncturist after two years of study in NeuroLab, during this time Peter found the learning and clinical practice of neuropuncture to be inspiring, it has completely changed his approach to clinical practice and running a business and continues to work closely with Dr. Mike and Neuropuncture Inc.

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