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First, I want to thank everyone who has attended my workshops, bought my books, and have attended my CEU Webinars. The excitement and feedback I receive from everyone has inspired me to bring Neuropunture protocols to the world through dedicated practitioners like you.

I have realized, however, that to truly master Neuropuncture protocols additional training and support is needed on an ongoing basis. Neuropuncture represents a paradigm shift in a natural healing profession that’s 3000 years old. For those of you that choose to make it an integral part of your patient protocols and as a business model so you can use it in your USP (Unique Service Proposition) in your local marketplace it is essential that you need more practical education on an ongoing basis.

Within any given profession who are the most sought after – who are the highest paid professionals the generalist or the specialist? The specialist of course. My goal for you is as a “Certified Nueropuncturist” you will become the most sought after practitioner in your local market for specializing in Neuropuncture Acupuncture.

To maintain the integrity of the Neuropuncture brand in the marketplace and to ensure that practitioners can’t, for example, read my book and then market themselves to the world as a Neuropuncturist I’ve created additional education and training to ensure anyone using the “Neuropuncture” brand has dedicated their time to minimum levels of education and training.

In this video I describe our continuing education and mastery platform called NeuroLab. Our first NeuroLab will begin October, 2017. I am looking for a small group (beta-group) who will be receiving this initial 6 months at a highly discounted rate. I am limiting it to 100 people who not only want to receive all the amazing information we will be covering but also want to contribute ideas on how NeuroLab can layer on more and more value to future members and as a whole make Neuropuncturist highly sought after specialists.

So if you’re interested in being one of the founding members of NeuroLab please click the button below and fill out the short application and I will send you all the specifics on how to join.

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Neuropuncture’s Neurolab-Testimonials

Neuropuncture’s Neurolab-Advanced Neuropuncture Training and Clinical Support Membership Program.

“Be a leader in our field with the most recent up to date electro acupuncture research and become sought after for your authority”

  • You must be licensed to practice acupuncture, a licensed acupuncturist, or a physician.
  • Further webinars will be directed to complete when appropriate. Completing 1 hands-on workshop-Certification will be encouraged.
  • Highly interested, motivated practitioners willing to learn and follow thru.

What you will receive:

What Are The Benefits Of Joining NeuroLab?

Two live webinars every month.
First Webinar
Case Study: A case study that has been brought to me by a member. Cases that are complicated or confusing I will break down that case for members utilizing neuropuncture strategies.

  • What are the neurophysiological mechanisms?
  • How do we identify the mechanisms we need to activate to correct the problem?
  • What neuropuncture treatment principles do we choose from to correct the problem?
  • What neuropuncture electrical techniques do we use?
  • What is the prescription and a dosage? What frequency, what current, what time frame?

Second Webinar,
Webinar on groundbreaking research, new science, relative science, and relevant to electrical acupuncture, and to acupuncture’s mechanisms.
Priority E-mail Support: 24-48 hour turn around for members.
Discount on Skype calls: If it’s an emergency and you need to see me face to face to discuss something, we can arrange a Skype call. $100 per hour members, normal rate $250/hr
Marketing Strategies:
How to educate your patients to receive more referrals from them?
How to educate Western medical practitioners and other referring physicians, doctors, and healthcare workers so they understand what we do.
Online Digital Marketing and Branding:
Let’s face it, even if we provide far superior outcomes compared to our local competition if our online presence is non-existent, our website looks unprofessional and/or we have few or no reviews from our patients singing our praises we will inevitably lose patients to inferior practitioners who have optimized online. You’re going to be certified in Neuropuncture. You want to stand out from your peers.
I have teamed up with a top national marketing agency who has agreed to assist our members at a drastically reduced rate should you need it.
Private Members Only Resource Center:
This will be a password protected member’s website that will all webinar recordings, research materials, marketing materials, FAQ’s and any information you need to reference at your convenience.
Direct access to DMC’s recent research; be informed with the most up to date Neuropuncture protocols and cutting edge science
All access to pre-recorded NeuroLab webinar library.
Access to Dr. Corradino’s private research resources.
Members receive 10% discounts on: Products, CEUs workshops.

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NeuroLab Membership Cancellation Policy: Please note that once you cancel your membership your Neurolab access is also cancelled and you will no longer have access to the webinars. Please time your cancellation to your best needs.

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