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By Janice P.

Great course this weekend! I have taken several of the on-line courses and used many of the protocols, but doing a hands on course can’t be beat. Dr Corradino’s knowledge and enthusiasm for the topic was amazing. Getting to ask questions, practice the protocols, have them checked, listen to the on-going research in the area was invaluable. Above all the course was hugely practical, I will be using several new protocols at work this week. Can’t wait to try Neurolab!

By Drucilla W.

Thank you for such great information! I learned a lot and enjoyed your sense of humor, too.

By Ariadni S.

Dr. Corradino illuminated so much for me in regards to how we can make the link between theory and the neuroscience of Chinese Medicine and be able to communicate it. I’ve already applied what i’ve learned and look forward to more seminars!

By Robert W.

An excellent class in neuropuncture with Dr. Mike Corradino. Highly recommended.