WEBINAR 5 – Neuropuncture for Bu Mei, Sleeping Disorders

Webinar 5: Neuropuncture for Bu Mei, Sleeping Disorders

In this webinar you will learn how to treat sleeping conditions utilizing the Neuropuncture system. You will also learn the neurophysiology of sleep and how that relates to the neurophysiology of acupuncture. Neuropuncture applies neuroscience to the traditional TCM acupuncture model, creating evidenced-based, clinically proven protocols, and outcomes that are clinically reproducible.

Courses Outline

  • Introduction
  • Review of the 5 neurophysiological mechanisms,5 Neuropuncture treatment principles, Electric Neuropuncture treatment principles, and review of reference charts
  • Sleep in Western medicine and current neuroscience findings
  • The Neurobiology of sleep. Neuroplascity/ Stem cell/ Neurotransmitters
  • TCM terminology correlated to Insomnia/ Bu mei syndromes
  • BREAK: 15min
  • EA- Electrical acupuncture’s role in Neuropuncture protocols
  • Pantheon research
  • Auricular/ scalp for sleep
  • BREAK: 15min
  • Protocols
  • Herbal medicine/ Nutraceuticals/ lifestyle adjustments
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