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Anna Kwiecinska

Anna Kwiecinska
Anna Kwiecinska
L. Ac., CMT, MMQ, Certified Neuropuncturist
Anna Kwiecinska

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Anna’s rich background and numerous skills come from having over twenty years of experience in the field of natural healing. She completed her three-year master’s level degree in acupuncture in July of 2003 from Maryland Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, but her journey into the field of Oriental Medicine dates back to 1991 when she for the first time began to work with the human energetic field doing Reiki and practicing basic homeopathy to recover from lyme disease.

Before becoming an acupuncturist, Anna graduated from the International School of Shiatsu in Doylestown, PA in 1993 where she learned macrobiotics and advanced methods of working with the human energy system. Working for over ten years as a shiatsu practitioner, she deepened her understanding of how various human energetic systems work and how to access them to facilitate healing, improve energy levels, and create wellbeing and a positive outlook on life. At that time, she also received training in Pranic Healing from Steven Co and subsequently, basic and advanced training in Cranio-Sacral therapy and Somato-Emotional Release from Upledger Institute. Training in acupuncture became a natural progression of a continually evolving interest in working with energy to facilitate healing and positive changes in the lives of individuals, families and communities.

As an acupuncturist, Anna had a great privilege and honor to study directly with Dr. Richard Tan OMD and complete all of his basic and advanced classes in The Balance Method of acupuncture. Dr. Richard Tan was a true contemporary master of acupuncture and beyond doubt one of the world’s greatest minds in the field of Oriental Medicine. Acupuncturists across the globe mourn his recent passing while continuing to benefit their communities practicing his ingenious acupuncture method.

Anna’s professional record also includes two year-long intensive pulse diagnosis classes with one of today’s leading Chinese Medicine teachers in USA, Lonny Jarrett. This valuable training gave her a deeper insight into the nature of true health and the evolutionary role of holistic medicine in contemporary society.

Anna specializes in cranial Neuro-Acupuncture as thought by Dr. Jason Hao, DOM, MBA and Neuropuncture invented and taught by Dr. Mike Corradino, DAOM, L. Ac.

This innovative approach bridges the ancient knowledge of classical acupuncture and modern medical neuro-science and provides effective and lasting changes in treatment for complex conditions.

The Neuropuncture treatment prescription is evidence based, clinically reproducible and supported by modern research. The Neuropuncture technique applies the science of neurophysiology to the acupuncture model and effectively modulates and rehabilitates nervous System having a positive impact on many conditions such as pain, damage due to injury, mood and sleep disorders, as well as drug addictions and some internal diseases.