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Charles and Teresa Baltzell
Charles & Teresa Baltzell



Charles and Teresa Baltzell LAc. are graduates of Jung Tao School of Classical Chinese Medicine, board certified licensed acupuncturists, members of the Academy of Alternative Comprehensive Medicine and founding members of Neurolab. They help individuals with any condition, who want to live longer, healthier and happier explore the benefits of natural medicine, restore health and optimize their brain and body. At their Health and Wellbeing Clinic in Greenville SC, the premier therapy used to rehabilitate patients’ central nervous system is Neuropuncture, an evidence based neuroscience acupuncture system.

Neuromodulating and rehabilitating patients’ nervous system is essential to their practice model. Fundamental Therapeutics maximizes mitochondrial bio-electricity production by systematically applying structured EZ water, molecular hydrogen, ozone, and photo-bio-modulation. Their patients lose weight, have more energy, feel smarter, sleep better, release pain, relieve anxiety, heal chronic and autoimmune conditions. As a result individuals save money, recover faster, reduce medications and experience more peace within mind and body. ​