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Heather Sullivan-Maldonado
Dr. Heather Sullivan-Maldonado

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Growing up, Dr. Sullivan-Maldonado faced certain health challenges including a family history of clinical depression, a reading disorder and crippling dysmenorrhea. Through these trials, she found healing in yoga, East Asian theosophy and natural medicine. After graduating from University of Wisconsin-Madison with an Integrative Biology degree, she gave up her free-spirited, hippie-chick ways to enter the grueling field of corporate sales. From there, she transitioned to the purchasing field where she climbed to the highest non-management level in the supply chain department as senior corporate buyer. Despite her success, she felt a growing dissatisfaction with her occupational choices and, through introspection, decided to return to her roots in natural medicine. Given her interest in all things East Asian, Chinese Medicine became a perfect fit and she never looked back.

Heather’s mission and purpose is to form a partnership with her patients to finding the right combination of natural medicine and lifestyle transformations to set them back on the path of healing. She views her patients as her extended family, treating them with compassion and loving-kindness that is so necessary in the health field.

When she is not happily treating her patients or studying her 5000-year-old medicine, Heather spends her time practicing qigong, meditating, snuggling with her husband, two dogs and being a servant to her two very selfish, superior-minded cats.