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Jerrie Lynn Nelson

Jerrie Lynn Nelson
Lic. Ac., M. Ac., Lic. Nutr



George Soulie de Morant's book Chinese Acupuncture always intreguied me with its references to a point's influence on the different parts of the nervous system.

Dr. Corradino's work has, not only systemized the influence of specific neuropuncture points on the body its nervous system, but has demonstrated the benefits of using elesctroneuropuncture at specific frequencies, and time periods, during treatments. My interest in the nervous sustem was originally peeked when I started doing EEGs, QEEG's and neurofeedback.

Liana Mattulich, M.D. showed how the EEG wave patterns in the brain could be influenced by special exercises, respiration and meditative practices. She has documented that some monks can maintain a wave pattern of greater than 50 Hz. The neuroscience of Neuropuncture is most likely a fourth method to bring stability and even enhancement to our overal health and sense of well being.