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Neuropuncture Cadaver Lab

  September 4, 2023

 Miami, FL


Taught by Dr. Michael Corradino, DAOM, MSTOM, AP, founder and president

MARC Institute
MARC Institute


This is the perfect opportunity to bridge your understanding of neuroscience with your clinical acupuncture practice.

The 1-day Neuropuncture cadaver lab training will be completed at the famous MARC Institute in Miami, a professional medical-surgical training center.

It is intellectually understood that every human body is different, however, humans do share very basic simple anatomy, especially neuroanatomical structures. There is no replacement for experiential training and observing up close and personal specific structures that we are working with every day! This is a must for any level of Neuropuncture acupuncture practitioner. Examine the human body as our TCM predecessors have, with our eyes, simple tools, and current understanding of the 21st medical sciences.

This will be a special cadaver lab experience presented by Dr. Corradino and special guest Brian Lau. They will be examining three major anatomical regions that will illuminate your understanding of acupuncture.



1. Phrenic nerve

2. Vagus nerve

3. Stellate Ganglion: 

  1. Mandible – SCM – trachea
  2. Submandibular triangle – mental triangle – cardiac triangle – muscular triangle
  3. Structures
    1. Vascular
      1. Arterial and venous
      2. Carotid
      3. jugular
    2. Trachea
    3. Thyroid
    4. Muscles
      1. Strap muscles from the hyoid bone
      2. SCM
      3. Scalene: anterior, middle, posterior
      4. Hyoid

4. Nerves:

  1. Brachial plexus
  2. Greater auricular
  3. Trigeminal nerve
  4. Facial nerve
  5. Supraorbital nerve
  6. Infraorbital nerve
  7. Mental nerve
  8. Dorsal rami

5. Posterior live dissection and examination of the following:

  1. The channel sinews (jingjin) associated with this region
  2. The classical acupuncture back shu points
  3. The outer bladder points
  4. The hua tuo jia jie points

“The workshop was an excellent experience in so many ways. Dr. Corradino’s teaching style, experience, knowledge and expertise, coupled with his sincerity, humor and passion for his work made learning and hands-on training challenging but accessible. The group of attendants were enthusiastic and supportive which helped make the workshop one of inclusion and harmony. The opportunity to attend a cadaver lab provided a next level understanding of neuropuncture that was truly exceptional. With the Lab and the two days of workshop, we were able to connect theory, concepts and hands-on activities which greatly enhanced our learning and advanced our skills. Thank you for this opportunity and I look forward to future workshops!”

Sharon W.


1-Day Neuropuncture
Cadaver Lab Training

  • 8 PDA/CEU
  • 1-day medical-level cadaver lab training
  • Neuropuncture workshop certificate

At event $1,350*


I’m grateful Dr. Corradino explained to us in detail how acupuncture works in a western perspective. He helped bridge the gap. Definitely will be able to communicate with patients and people better.

Mary B.


M.A.R.C. Institute
8850 NW 20th St, Doral, FL 33172

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I’ve been using Neuropuncture in my practice solidly for about a month now, and one of the great things I’ve noticed is many of the patients that I’ve treated in the past are starting to come back in for treatment due to someone talking about their treatment with me. My clinic has been built entirely from word of mouth, and at the moment it feels like this has been supercharged. I can only put it down to me loving doing Neuropuncture so much and getting some really positive results.

Stephen A.

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frequently asked questions

Will I receive CEU or PDAs after attending this training?

Yes, this cadaver lab training is approved by the NCCAOM for 8 PDA and by Florida Board of Acupuncture for 8 CEU.

What time does the workshop begin and when does it end?

Workshop registration will be held on Monday, October 17th from 8:30 AM to 9:00 AM.

The morning session for the training begins at 9:00 AM and will end at 12:00 PM. The afternoon session begins at 1 PM and will end at 5 PM.

I am attending the workshop from another state. Which airport should I fly into?

The closest airport to the workshop locations is Miami International Airport, located about 20 minutes away.

I need to book a hotel for the duration of the workshop. Any recommendations?

While there are no hotels in immediate proximity to the workshop locations, here’s a list of hotels that is relatively close.

Is my workshop fee refundable?

Please note that your workshop registration fee is non-refundable. In case you need to cancel, your workshop fee will be credited towards a future workshop. Conditions apply, for more information please review Terms of Service here.

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