Neuropuncture State Chapter Representative Criteria

Neuropuncture State Chapter
Representative Criteria (tasks for completion):

#1main focus is Social media exposure and reputation:

Contact Dr. John Gorsuch- Director of Neuropuncture Certifications
and Neuropuncture State Chapter representatives.
  • Must be an Active NeuroLab members 3+ months+ completed 5(+) CEU webinars thru Healthy seminars/OR NeuroLab member for 6+month, since beginning.
  • Read my book.
  • Working towards Neuropuncture Certification.
  • Complete Dr Gorsuch’s interview
  • One on one phone interview with Dr C…”What’s your purpose?” “Neuropuncture Trinity” “Neuropuncture FB mission”

Fee: $150


This is a Neuropuncture Private FB page- invite only.
Representative vets the request. Requestee needs to be in the medical field, interest and focus in neuroscience acupuncture.
Acupuncture Practitioner, preferred from that state.

  • Moderators/ not Admin.
  • Organize it.
  • Post Neuropuncture comments, Neuropuncture research, and Neuropuncture case studies.
  • Remove posts that are not appropriate.
  • No profanity
  • No politics
  • No religion
  • Just the science and medicine of acupuncture.
  • No links, except Neuropuncture.
  • Contact State and local acupuncture organizations and contact via email or IM, FB, to invite practitioners to the group.
  • Organize Neuropuncture workshops for the FB members.

Business benefits:

  • Statewide exposure and connection to neuroscience acupuncture.
  • Develop a strong reputation in our field.
  • Workshop Benefits: 10% split of profits for local Neuropuncture workshops organized.
  • How does this help my business? Engaging in this process increases your communication skills. Constantly testing ourselves. “Repetition Mother of all Skill”.
  • Referrals network to areas of locations ( Example: Florida- “snow birds”- East coast referrals)
  • Becoming the local authority in our field
Contact John Gorsuch - Director of Neuropuncture Certifications

Apply for NeuroLab